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Quotation: Boredom stimulates the imagination in a way nothing else can.

Sometimes, when I read a book such as this, a gem drops into my lap, and that quotation is one of them.
About a woman who, having scored a hit with her first novel, is searching for inspiration to replace the utter flop she submitted as her sequel. she employs an age old tradition of complete boredom in the hope ideas would flow. Unfortunately, she couldn't still her mind enough for the flow to start, until.....

As I read it, I thought back to my childhood and my mother's response to my cry of, "I'm bored, what can I do?"
Her answer was always the same; she'd suggest I went upstairs into my 'playroom' ( a small box room filled with a wall to wall desk, cupboards, shelves and all the paper, pencils and other crafting stuff a child could ever want) and find something to do.

Boredom is a great creator; with nothing in its way, the right hand side of the brain kicks in, and ideas in pictures, sounds and feeling come out to stimulate the vocal mind.
It was duri…

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